FAQ Biodiesel

Picture of EN14214 Biodiesel

Biodiesel – The future of fuel

Be part of the solution…
During recent years market demand for sustainable, renewable, biodegradable (SRB) fuels and oils has emerged driven by global environmental concerns. Governments are responding to well organised and media articulate lobbyists creating awareness and a call to arms of these vital issues which have major social and economic impacts.

Many organisations understand the need to be part of the solution……to do nothing is to remain part of the problem. These organisations are finding that good environmental practice is also good for business and often requires small but significant changes. Organisations that have an environmental best practice approach win business because of it.

biocorpTM produce a range of refined EN 14214 biodiesel fuels and high performance SRB lubrication products utilising fully synthetic ester base stocks blended with state of the art additives targeted at the needs of Industry with a particular specialisation towards the construction sector.

Biodiesel and SRB oils reduce significantly the potential for environmental pollution and damage in the event of spills contaminating our ground water in line with the best practices of the European Standards.

These products offer high quality and deliver industry leading performance while delivering substantial reduction on carbon footprint.

A Natural Alternative
Fortunately both the natural and industrialised world will provide a supply of waste materials and feedstocks that can produce biofuels that represent directly comparable alternatives to fossil fuels.

The real opportunity lies in the positive impact that a biofuel can deliver in terms of CO2 emission reductions when compared with a fossil fuel.

Recognition of the need to develop a global Biofuel Industry has seen the construction of Industrial scale processing/refining/blending and storage facilities worldwide as governments have supported inward investments with duty and taxation breaks for producers and users alike.


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