Goldfinger – The No1 beaded hand gel to remove the toughest of stains

Picture of 5 Litre tub of Goldfinger - Beaded hand gel

Any grease or grime – Goldfinger will remove

Goldfinger is a heavy duty beaded  hand gel based on natural oils extracted from Citrus fruit.  Goldfinger is used for the rapid removal of excessive greases, oils, paints and inks and also to eliminate offensive odours such as fish and onion.


Goldfinger should be regarded as a heavy duty hand cleaner which is used in works environments where the  degree of hand soiling is appreciable.  Goldfinger is recommended for use in engineering, automobile garages,  public service industries, ink and paint manufacturing, offshore oil installations etc.


  • Goldfinger has been formulated with a wide range of citrus oils and dispersants.
  • It has blended with  micron sized polymer beads which do not cause any abrasion problems.
  • The product is solvent free.


  • Goldfinger lifts off dirt and grime from the hands leaving them smooth and with a pleasant fragrance.
  • The product is  a strong yet gentle product to use.
  • Goldfinger does not cause any abrasion problems.

How To Use

Goldfinger can be used from a tub or from a dispenser.  Apply to the hands, work well in the skin around and under the nails. Finally rinse off with water and dry the hands.


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